June 26, 2011

shoes glorious shoes

3 Women Shoe Patterns-DIY- Computer Download- Sizes 5-11

There is a certain type of sublime retail experience where you stumble upon something you didn't know you needed until the moment you behold it and then you just know you can't live without it.  You feel the flush of excitement and anticipation, that you are the only person who even knows about this thing that you have just discovered.  Must have been how Lewis and Clark felt.

That is how I felt when I found Shoeology.  This shop sells pdf patterns to make your own shoes.  This has been a crafty fantasy of mine since I was little and now it is going to come true!  Sure, I've made baby shoes from a very cute Amy Butler design, but this is a whole new ballgame.  My mind is racing with ideas for materials and finishing touches that I can add to my very own stable of handmade shoes and slippers.  Family and friends, clear out your Christmas stockings!