May 29, 2011

Roman holiday: a photo essay

My lovely sister recently took a trip to Rome, and she took some of her favorite Beeps' Peeps items with her.  She is a frequent inspiration for my designs as she balances work, family, and friends with style and grace.  I love to design with her and women like her in mind. 

Now, without further ado: Beeps' Peeps goes to Rome.

Over the past seven or eight months, I have been developing a line of handbags called the Lucia.  The name of the line comes from a Christmas tradition in my family, the making of Lucia buns, that began when my sister played Santa Lucia in a pageant.  More on that some other time--I'd love to pass along the recipe.

The Mama Lucia is a great roomy bag with a zipper and lots of pockets.  The fabric used here is Lilly Pulitzer's Scales and Tails.  It's a funky, atypical print from Lilly, a departure from her normal look.  By the way, her new print, Dark & Stormy, is spectacular.

Everyone in my family got shoe bags for Christmas--an adaptation of the bags that I made in the drawstring bag tutorial.  Meggan's was in this beautiful Riley Blake fabric.  It's always smart to carry an extra pair of shoes when you're in a walking city.  You never know when your shoes might start rubbing you the wrong way!  You don't want to cut your sightseeing short.

The travel tray is a new item at Beeps' Peeps that is exactly the type of thing that's nice to have on a trip--lightweight, super functional, and warms up the hotel room a little. 
Hope you enjoyed this postcard from Rome.  Ciao for now!

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