August 27, 2011

Beck & Lundy

One of the many exciting trends to emerge in sewing is the ability of artists to design their own fabrics through awesome small-quantity fabric printers like Spoonflower. It was on Spoonflower that I first noticed the work of Patty Sloniger.  As you can see from her Ghostly Squid Damask on this iPhone case, her work is very noticeable!

Now located in Texas, Patty is an illustrator and package designer who finds inspiration in her Maryland childhood. In fact, it was her Maryland upbringing that influenced the design of her new fabric line for Michael Miller, which includes a fabric based on this print, Windy Day.  Her line, Backyard Babies, won Spoonflower's Project Selvage contest earlier this year.  In the incarnation that won the contest, it was a really diverse collection that was just overflowing with Patty's signature illustrations.  One of my faves featured bug jars with different insects.  Her drawings are so evocative that you could almost picture the child collecting his or her prized specimens.  I can't wait to see the finished line which will (I believe) be available in both boy and girl colorways.

In her Etsy shop, Beck & Lundy, you will find this print along with other gorgeous textiles featuring her stunning and whimsical artwork, like this tea towel calendar. Look for a 2012 version coming soon!

Patty is truly an artist to watch.  She is also a terrific example of an artist who is taking advantage of all of the creative opportunities that the information age has to offer.


  1. I might have to get an iPhone just so I can have that case. OK, that wouldn't really be the only reason.

  2. Thanks so much for the awesome write up Brita! Those beach totes you made for the wedding party were all amazing... lucky bridesmaids! :)