December 28, 2010

pause and rewind

Looking back on 2010, I can see that it has been a watershed year for me craftwise.  I have been busier than ever, but also happier and more balanced due to our family prioritizing of creativity.  I have learned a lot of new techniques, taken some personal and creative risks, and spent some unforgettable moments with my kids.  I have also completely overrun the dining room, but that's another story.  I thought that, with the year coming to a close, it might be a good time to share some of my favorite projects of 2010.

The Perfect Changing Pad

This is something that, I guess, is not technically a project of 2010 since I have been making them for many years for friends, but this is the first sewn item that I mass produced and thus represents creative confidence to me.  With my mother's prodding, I approached the gracious owner of an adorable children's boutique in my area with the changing pads, and her enthusiasm spurred me on to really make a go of selling my work.  She and I have recently collaborated on a new changing pad with a modified design that will make it super friendly to cloth-diapering moms and will be sold exclusively through her shop.  Very exciting!

The Market Tote

This was a favorite simply because it is so fun and functional (as my pal Lily would say).  It was another item that I originally made for myself (a somewhat piggish theme is emerging here).  The way that the fabric works with the design led me to explore the world of fabric designers and discover such talented folks as Valori Wells, Heather Ross, and Etsuko Furuya.  I was especially proud of the design and the fact that it provided an actual solution for people wanting an attractive alternative to reusable shopping bags.

My Kids' Halloween Costumes

A topic I have covered ad nauseum, I know, but it was so much fun creating these costumes with my kids.  I have heard other parents discuss the obsession that some children develop over their Halloween costumes, and experiencing that with my 3-year-old was, in a word, hilarious.  One of the funniest moments working on his crab costume was when he rejected my first attempt at eye stalks because they were "not stalky enough."  Ah . . . . a creative director in the making.  Even though a little girl dressed as Taylor Swift beat us in the local costume contest, we knew in our hearts we were winners.

I have some crafting resolutions for 2011, like designing more of my own fabric and trying to do a few more craft shows.  I would love to find or start a craft alliance in my area.  But for the most part, I feel like I am on the right track.  Now, if I could just get to the gym.

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