January 21, 2011

in my humble fabric-hoarding opinion

A quilt in Marty Goes to Mars
Those who know and (I assume) love me know that my penchant for fabric, which has always been a vice, has in recent years developed into a full-blown instinct to hoard.  I blame the creativity of fabric designers.  I am certainly not an expert, but it seems to me that fabric design is experiencing some sort of wonderful renaissance.  I am especially drawn to what I would describe as "narrative fabrics", fabrics that tell a story or allow you to imagine one.  I am thinking of fabrics like my beloved "Marty Goes to Mars" by Suling Wang (really, do yourself a favor and click on that link). 

I have lately been moved to search for fabrics designed by my favorite artist illustrators and been disappointed to find that it has not been done, or not been done in a way that I can get it into my hotlittlehands.  So, Big Fabric Execs, please make the following available as soon as possible.

Edward Gorey is a no brainer.  Come on, people!  He himself designed strange little stuffies, one of which I actually owned as a child but of course has now gone missing (thank goodness I still have my damned Koosa, though).  Alexander Henry took a stab at the Gorey mystique with his Ghastlies this past fall.  It was a step in the right direction, but I am dying for the real deal.

Turn me into fabric, please!
My next suggestion is Charley Harper.  No, I am not a fan of Two and a Half Men, and if I was, I would be way more on Team Duckie.  A great friend of mine gave my son a Charley Harper floor puzzle, and we are hooked.  There is no Charley Harper fabric that I know of, but I was delighted to stumble upon an amazing quilt design by Angela of The Artists' House.  Unfortunately, I would not be able to applique her design if my life depended on it, but the quilt sure is pretty.

Lastly, a living artist whose work is screaming out to become fabric--Tao Nyeu, author illustrator of the picture book Wonder Bear.  Her artwork creates a whole other world, and it is a world where I would like to live. 

A girl can dream, right?


  1. I would pretty much kill for a Doubtful Guest softie. Then I could have a whole DG themed guest room, thanks to my BeepsPeeps embroidered Doubtful Guest pillowcases...

  2. Perhaps if you make it hospitable enough the actual Doubtful Guest will show up and press his little nose to the wall! I wonder what Spoonflower's restrictions on licensed material are . . . hmmm. We may have to settle for a "Gorey-inspired" softie since the 1974 Doubtful Guest is so rare and, I'm sure, pricey.