March 9, 2011

gearing up

Just checking in quickly with an update on the party prep.  Like I said in my last post, we are keeping it very simple.  The nautical theme that was launched by the preppy whale invites has now morphed into a color scheme with a nod to the nautical in some of the details, including the kids' food, the favors, and the cupcake decorations.  The color scheme consists of a range of blues, white, and a nice kelly green.  Cal (the birthday boy's big brother) and I have been working on a banner that we'll use to decorate. 

We are using my Cricut to make the letters that we are using on both the banner and the cupcake flags.  I love the Cricut and thought I got a good deal on it, though every time I go to JoAnn's I have to avert my gaze from the ones they have on sale and tell myself they're not as nice as mine.  Cal really, really loves using the Cricut, and (with a LOT of supervision) it is easy enough for young children to operate. 

I'll post a tutorial on the banner and cupcake toppers when I have a spare moment.  It is simple but graphically pleasing, and I love the idea that the big bro is helping get ready for our little one's party--even if I do suspect that he's in it for some peripheral gifts.

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